After graduating from art school and five years of acting culminated with some theatrical performances “Ecological Theatre, a breed endangered” by Raul Manso at the Teatro dell’Elfo and “Mirabil Vita” by Paola Manfredi at Teatro Out-Off, attended and graduated in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan and at the same time at the Civic School of Cinema in Directing. In 1994 are selected and exhibited two videos “Tecnica mista su terra desolata” (stop-motion animation on the poems of T.S. Elliot and images of E.M. Escher) and “Thomas and Tereza” (video installation for a theatre play),at the exhibition “Generazione- MEDIA “at the Triennale in Milan, organized by Studio Azzurro and Farini CareOf. In 1998 it was selected and transmitted by Canale 5 the documentary “4quattro” realized during the film school, a kind of remake of “Facce di festa” by Studio Azzurro. In 1999, just graduated from film school, he teaches courses of screenplay at the civic school of Milan. He participating as a sound engineer and a cameraman for documentary “Fernanda Pivano” by Luca Faccini and “Arnaldo Pomodoro” by Marina Spada.

In 2000 he founded the group “Altri Luoghi Comuni” with Aldo Anselmino and Matteo Bologna in which directs and produces documentaries, industrials, music videos including “Stanza 24″ and “Opinioni di un Clown” by Andrea Mirò, produced and supervised by Enrico Ruggeri, selected and finalists in the competition “Videoclipped the radio stars” organized by the roman production company Fandango.

In 2002 he directs the short film “The Alice’s mirror” selected and shown at the Cinema Detour (Best of 2004) in Rome, at the “Joe D’Amato Horror Festival” and at the “Boston Underground Film Festival” in Boston, USA.

He works constantly on video installations for the theater, including “Lilith and Enkidu” directed by Sabrina Sinatti represented at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Rome and at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan.

From 2002 to 2007 he worked as an assistant director for the Vega-entertainement on promotional and television commercials for major Italian broadcasters (Canale 5, La7, RAI-3, Sat2000, etc …), creating programs with Marco Travaglio, Lella Costa, Natalino Balasso, Marco Liorni, etc …

Later he specialized in video installations and videomapping with latest softwares like Isadora, Quartz Composer, MadMapper collaborating with Jean Marc Viel and Ugo Scaffidi of events for the Triennale of Milan (Architecture Golden Medal), Ance and Ermenegildo Zegna headquarters.

In 2010 together with Stultiferanavis Company he creates a play in a three-year production dislocated between Paris, Charleville-Mezieres and Milan: “Urban Marionnette” which receives french funding for the audiovisual research Dicréam by the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image animée .

Always with the Stultiferanavis Company he creates videos and program the software for an interactive installation for the”Theatre Art Verona” permanent theater of Verona and for the Nuit-Blanche of Charleville-Mezieres. At the same time he opened a studio in Milan and collaborates with several agencies making videos and installations for Moleskine, MiArt, Mitsubishi, Geico, etc … Since 2011 he teaches Audiovisual Video for Art School (Liceo Artistico Orsoline), he writes the three-year program based on film writing, filming workshops and use of post-production programs such as Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

In 2015 he created the video and projection for the installation “Kitchens and Snatchers” of Rota Studio conceived by Germano Celant at the Triennale of Milan for EXPO 2015 and  the videomapping on the facade of Saronno’s Dome.